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Clinical Associate Professor
Sites of Practice
Urology Clinic at UW Medical Center - Northwest



Sandra Hadjinian, MD, is a board certified urologist whose scope of practice encompasses general urology. She is a clinical associate professor in the UW Department of Urology.

Dr. Hadjinian’s practice philosophy is patient-centered. She believes in listening carefully to her patients. She enjoys diligently counseling patients as to all options available, then, together with the patient, tailoring their options to formulate a treatment plan. She believes shared decision making is key to successful outcomes.

Dr. Hadjinian manages and treats a wide variety of urologic conditions including lower urinary tract symptoms (such as overactive bladder), urinary tract stones, genitourinary tract cancers, hematuria, elevated PSA, and much more.

Dr. Hadjinian loves spending time with her family, running, reading, cooking, hiking, and watching movies.