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Alexander J.

Assistant Professor


I have the privilege and responsibility to help patients navigate complex decisions in managing their urologic disease. When I meet patients, it is often during one of the most frightening or frustrating periods of their lives. I work closely with them to grasp the challenging issues they face. I aim to deliver the best available care by empowering patients with the knowledge and resources to achieve their goals.


Alexander Skokan, MD is a board-certified urologist and Assistant Professor of Genitourinary Trauma, Reconstruction, and Genital Gender Affirming Surgery. He is an expert in reconstruction of the genitalia and upper and lower urinary tracts, and cares for patients with a variety of conditions including urethral stricture, ureteral injury/stricture, male urinary incontinence, advanced erectile dysfunction, bladder neck contracture, and advanced bladder dysfunction after radiation or injuries. Dr. Skokan endeavors to deliver world-class individualized care, working with patients to achieve their treatment goals and deliver the best outcome possible in all cases. He believes it is a privilege to help patients navigate the complexities of decision-making in urologic diseases.