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Bridging Borders in Urology: A Year of International Experience with Dr. Paul Neuville

February 14, 2024
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Dr. Paul Neuville, a seasoned urologist from France, sought one-year’s experience at UW Medicine's Urology Department.


In the pursuit of professional growth and international exposure, Dr. Paul Neuville, a seasoned urologist from France, sought one-year’s experience at UW Medicine's Urology Department. His motivation stemmed from a career opportunity in France that required a broader, global perspective. We interviewed Dr. Neuville to dive into his experiences, focusing on his exploration of the department's research initiatives, unexpected involvement in manuscript writing, and reflections on the management dynamics that distinguish UW Medicine's approach to urology.

Upon arrival, Dr. Neuville engaged with the dynamic research environment of UW Medicine's Urology Department. Specifically, he explored the projects led by department Chair Dr. Hunter Wessells' unit, collaborating with professionals like Drs. Judith Hagedorn and Alex Skokan. The warm welcome and collaborative spirit of the team played a crucial role in shaping Dr. Neuville’s overall experience.

One of the key highlights of Dr. Neuville's duration was his active participation in groundbreaking research projects. Despite his nonclinical role, he contributed significantly to gender-affirming surgeries research initiated by Dr. Skokan. This encompassed a comprehensive review on sexual health in transgender individuals, addressing patient expectations pre-surgery, and enhancing methodological expertise.

The plan for the ongoing projects is to improve patient decision making by developing patient decision aid tool.

Beyond the clinical setting, Dr. Neuville found himself occupied in manuscript writing. Despite his initial expectations, he contributed to the publication of a paper on “Management of pediatric renal trauma”, and is on the verge of completing another about concerns around the multi institutional pediatric renal trauma database, conducted by Dr Judith Hagedorn. This unexpected venture into academic writing showcased the department's commitment to spreading knowledge and advancing the field.

Dr. Neuville's personal and professional adaptation to the Pacific Northwest included seasonal adjustments and implementing English in patient interviews. These adaptations provided a unique lens through which he gained insights into both the cultural and professional levels of his new environment. It was through this lens that he understood the real reason his degree asked him to gain international experience.

Reflecting on his experience, Dr. Neuville highlighted the distinctive management dynamics within UW Medicine's Urology Department.

The emphasis on taking time to reflect on work was a noteworthy takeaway from his previous experiences, leading him to appreciate the importance of thoughtful and strategic approaches to patient care and organizational efficiency.

Dr. Paul Neuville's year at UW Medicine's Urology Department proved to be a transformative chapter in his career. The exchange of ideas, exposure to diverse research, and the collaborative spirit of the department, left a mark on his professional journey. As healthcare continues expanding, experiences like Dr. Neuville's emphasize the importance of cross-cultural collaborations in shaping the future of medical practice worldwide.


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